fm48 m48+ - HP48-Emulator for the iPhone
m48+ ... the HP48-Emulator for the iPhone!

m48+ v1.1:

m48+ is an emulator for the famous HP38G, HP3G9, HP48SX, HP48GX and HP49G scientific calculators. Carry your favorite calculator along with you every day and use it together with your favorite library!

Despite many skins for all models, m48+ comes with a new HP48GX skin called "Don't Panic":
It has several views:
  • simple one for every day calculations in RPN
  • comprehensive one, with all functionality of m48
  • landscape view including a QWERTY keyboard
  • Supports swipes on every button and the LCD to access secondary and third functions!

IMPORTANT: An internet connection on your device required at first launch!

  • Emulation of the HP38G*, HP3G9*, HP48SX, HP48GX° and HP49G* (* additional manual installation steps required; refer to the help; °auto setup provided for this calculator at first launch)
  • Save and load calculator files.
  • Save and load your favorite libraries, etc. (you must provide them yourself)
  • Copy and paste your calculator results or screenshots to and from the iPhone/iPod clipboard.
  • Transfer files from and to your computer (WiFi and LAN required).
  • Variety of different skins.
  • m48Multiskin: Changes appearance, revealing secondary and third functions (currently only HP48GX model, more skins for other models in future)
  • Swipe inputs for secondary and third functions (currently only m48 "Don't Panic" Skin)
  • Original skins (all models)
  • Support for landscape (currently only "Don't Panic" Skin for HP48GX)
  • m48GraphicsEngine: high performance plus support of graphical effects for a broad variety of skins.
  • m48AudioEngine: high performance for sound effects.
  • Emulator state saved on exit and recalled on start.
  • Extensive information sections which is regularly updated and maintained: Help, FAQ, Tips'n'tricks.
  • Double tap the LCD to get more information in the menu-section
  • Meta Kernel support (HP48GX, refer to Tips'n'tricks)

  • 1. August 2010 - m48+ v1.1:
    • iOS 4.0 Support. - Fast App Switching, Fetch works in background!
    • iPad Support.
    • Don't Panic HD: "High Definition" version of the Don't Panic Skin for iPad and the iPhone 4.0. (Only shown on devices which can support loading such HD skins)
    • Added preferred rotation lock in Advanced Settings
    • Added zoom setting in Advanced Settings to rescale skins
    • Included documentation and reference on skin-files. Create your own skin! If you like, even send them to me!
    • Added download progress information for the fetch dialog.
    • Bug-fix: improved touch input routines to avoid missing strokes

  • 12. February 2010 - m48+ v1.0 is available in the AppStore!


m48 by Markus Gonser, Copyright (C) 2009 Markus Gonser

based on Emu48 for Windows Mobile 1.16 by Christopher Gießelink and Sebastian Carlier

Portions Copyright (C) 2009 Christoph Gießelink
Portions Copyright (C) 1994 Sebastian Carlier


Many thanks to the original authors for developing Emu48.


GNU General Public License, version 2


Impressum: Markus Gonser, All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. All the rest © 2010 by me.
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