fm48 m48 - HP48-Emulator for the iPhone
m48 ... the HP48-Emulator for the iPhone!

m48 v1.3:

m48 is an emulator for the famous HP48GX scientific calculators. Carry your favorite calculator along with you every day!

Despite many other skins for, m48 comes with a new HP48GX skin called "Don't Panic LE": It has several views:
  • simple one for every day calculations in RPN
  • comprehensive one, with all functionality of m48
  • Supports swipes on the LCD making it ease to browse calculator menus, etc

IMPORTANT: An internet connection on your device required at first launch!

  • Emulation of the HP48GX
  • Auto setup at first launch.
  • Variety of different skins.
  • m48Multiskin: Changes appearance, revealing secondary and third functions (currently only HP48GX model, more skins for other models in future)
  • Swipe input (currently only m48 "Don't Panic LE" Skin)
  • Original skins
  • m48GraphicsEngine: high performance plus support of graphical effects for a broad variety of skins.
  • m48AudioEngine: high performance for sound effects.
  • Emulator state saved on exit and recalled on start.
  • Extensive information sections which is regularly updated and maintained: Help, FAQ, Tips'n'tricks.
  • Double tap the LCD to get more information in the menu-section

  • 1. August 2010 - m48 v1.3:
    • iOS 4.0 Support. - Fast App Switching!
    • iPad Support.
    • Don't Panic HD LE: "High Definition" version of the Don't Panic Skin LE for iPad and the iPhone 4.0. (Only shown on devices which can support loading such HD skins)
    • Added zoom setting in Advanced Settings to rescale skins
    • Bug-fix: improved touch input routines to avoid missing strokes

  • 5. February 2010 - m48 v1.2 is available in the AppStore!
    The new features are:
    • New skin "Don't Panic LE": Look'n'feel of iPhone calculator. Has two views: simple view for everyday calculations and comprehensive view with all functionality. Supports swipes on the display.
    • Auto setup at first start
    • Improved battery performance
    • Improved touch input handling (more responsive)
    • Faster startup
    • Other splash screen at startup
    • Auto update of information section
    • Added factory reset option
    • bugfix: verylong beep tones do not freeze the emulator any more (press [ON] to interrupt).

  • 11. November 2009 - m48 v1.1 is available in the AppStore!
    Added many new features: changable skins, audio support, settings pane, downloadable skins and more information. IMPORTANT: The ROM is not distributed any more with the app and must be downloaded (Menu->Fetch...->ROMs) at the first start of the new version. This has only to be done once.

  • 25. September 2009 - HOT HOT HOT HOT:
    m48 v1.0 is available in the AppStore for FREE! Go check it out and enjoy having the best scientific calcultor ever on your iPhone!

  • 16. September 2009 - Hot news: I've got an iPhone Developer Account now and am close to finish my first version. Rebranded it to m48. Watch out for news soon! Drop me a line, if you want to get a note, when m48 v1.0 is available.

  • 4. August 2009 - I am very busy with my job at the moment and will not have time to work anything on the project until end of October. I am sorry for that, but first priority is on my job.

  • 27. July 2009 - First of all, I like to thank all of you for your response! Sorry, if it takes me long to reply. I am really busy with my job these days and have very little time for the project. I am currently putting together a very minimalistic version of the emulator, which I will try to get in the App Store. I haven't applied for the developer program yet. Also it is still unclear to me, whether the app will be allowed. Make sure to check back every now and then, since I plan to put a little demo on youtube soon!

  • 23. June 2009 - I am currently programming an HP48-emulator for the iPhone and have my first version up and running (see above). Due to very limited spare time I am unsure when and if this will make it ever to the public.
    Further it is unclear, whether such an application will be allowed there.
    Also I am not sure about demand of such an application. Do you need an HP48-calculator on your iPhone? Drop me a line and let me know!


m48 by Markus Gonser, Copyright (C) 2009 Markus Gonser

based on Emu48 for Windows Mobile 1.16 by Christopher Gießelink and Sebastian Carlier

Portions Copyright (C) 2009 Christoph Gießelink
Portions Copyright (C) 1994 Sebastian Carlier


Many thanks to the original authors for developing Emu48.


GNU General Public License, version 2


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